Gladiator Joe’s Tips

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TIP 01

Multiple Monitor Setup

Achieve your ultimate dual, triple, or quadruple monitor setup with Gladiator Joe VESA Adapters. When mounting different models of monitors or different sizes of monitors, it is best to use a single stand mounting system for each monitor.

Often the connecting areas of the adapter to the monitor are different based on where the monitor’s factory stand is installed. Mounting different monitors on single stands allows you to fully adjust each mount to ensure the best, and most uniform setup between multiple monitors.

Dual, triple and quadruple monitor stands work best with Gladiator Joe VESA Adapters when all monitors are the same model from the same manufacturer creating a balanced multi-monitor set up.

TIP 02

Monitor Stability

Computer Monitors and the natural swivel. You will notice that when your monitor is on your desk, it is motionless. Try placing your hand on your monitor and take note of the natural factory swivel or wiggle of the monitor screen to the stationary factory stand.

Once you mount the monitor to our Gladiator Joe VESA Adapter on a mount or stand, the natural swivel and micromovements become more noticeable. Please take into consideration that this is to ensure the stand or inside of monitor does not crack or break inside from repetitive micro movements.

TIP 03


When assembling your Gladiator Joe VESA Adapter, it is easier to have another person to assist with the process. We recommend one person to hold the monitor, while the other connect the adapter and monitor to the mount or stand.

Another assembly tip is to use a soft, flat and clean surface when laying your monitor face down to remove the stand and attach the adapter to the monitor.

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